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Building Permit Expediters Fort Lauderdale

Building Permits Services Fort Lauderdale

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Welcome to Building Permit Expediters Fort Lauderdale, your friendly local permit experts and far and away the most energetic and efficient permit runners in town.  Permits can be a nightmare but with our experience, savvy when it comes to streamlining the process, connections in the right departments, and tireless energy we make that nightmare go away so you can get on with running your business.

About Us

We expedite permits, not by cutting corners, but instead because we have done this so many times that we know what is required for each one, and often sequence of sub permits and inspections to line up in the right order to get the  final permit issued with the minimum of wasted time going back and forth. We know how the small print works and how far in advance you really have to apply for permits for events, liquor licenses, construction work etc. We work closely with our legal advisers to make sure that hidden catches like lien violations are dug out, dusted off, and dealt with, so that all you have to do is get on with planning your business ready for the day you get that all important green light.

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    Our Services

    Building Permit Expediters Fort Lauderdale do so much more than building permits. We are the permit wranglers, we know the ins and outs of getting permits and ensuring that permits are legally bulletproof for everything from construction, change of use, special events, and liquor licenses. Whatever your permit needs we know how to go about it without you suffering the headache, frustration, and heartbreak of spending all your time trying to get a permit only to have it denied. Our success rate and speed translates to your savings and business success.

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    Building Permits

    Getting a building permit can be a nightmare but it doesn't have to be. When you come to us you only have to deal with us as we do the to and fro from one department to another and ensure that we get all the relevant sub permits from the many authorities involved in legalizing a construction project. You save time and time is money because that means you are free to get on with organizing your construction and you get the green light to start way faster.

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    Special Event Permits

    The issue with special event permits is that not only do you have to consult with and get approval from a whole load of Procurement but you are probably up against a deadline since you have a date in mind for your event. Given that a first time special event in Fort Lauderdale is advised to apply 60 days in advance (unless the event is due to take place on a beach) and as much as three months in advance if it is due to take place in August you probably don't have a lot of room to make mistakes. So don't make mistakes, come to us instead to ensure that the permit gets delivered in time for your big day.

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    Lien Violations

    These are often the hidden surprise as property changes hands and you can't go ahead and use it for its new purpose until the lien is either paid or waived.  We help find where outstanding lien violations exist (not always immediately obvious) and help deal with them so that you can get on with your project unencumbered by hidden legal liabilities.

    “We first thought our event was a non starter when the department told us that applications for the permit had to be made two months in advance. That deadline had already passed. Then a friend told us to go to Building Permit Expediters Fort Lauderdale and they took the process and ran with it. We got our permit in time and without it our show would simply never have happened.” - Antonio C.

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    “We flip properties and if we didn't use a permit runner I'm not sure we'd make any money. We've come to rely on Building Permit Expediters Fort Lauderdale because they don't make a fuss and they deliver what they say. ” - Karen B.

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    “We'd tried and failed twice to get a liquor license before we went to Building Permit Expediters Fort Lauderdale who showed us how we should apply for a whole different license altogether and helped us buy it.” -  John L.

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    Change of Use Certificate

    Change of use should be straightforward but often involves a lot more visits to offices than you think in order to submit the plans, ensure that you have complied with building codes and consulted with all of the bodies that may be concerned – including the ones you've never heard of. Doing it yourself is time consuming and frustrating so why not leave it to us; it's what we do.

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    Certificate of Occupancy

    If you own property you probably need a certificate of occupancy. If you are changing the purpose of a property, or its look, then you will need a certificate of occupancy. If you don't have one you are leaving yourself exposed to lawsuits from so many different sources it will make your head spin. So let us take that weight from your shoulders and expedite that permit for you.

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    Liquor License

    There are four main types of liquor license and over 50 sub types in Florida.  Get the wrong one and your business risks legal action and fines. So we help you hit on which one you need now and for the future and then negotiate the tricky path of applying, buying, or entering the lottery to get your liquor license. We help you put together all the legal paperwork and clearances you and anyone who figures on the application will need to ensure success. Cheers.

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    Contact Us Today

    Permits are never as straightforward as filling out the form and sitting back to wait for success. It's an unfortunate fact that the first application is only the beginning of a process of consulting with and asking for approval from a whole host of governing bodies, each of which requires certain documents, proofs, and inspections. That takes time, which is why you need to call us because we know our way around this system and how to streamline it. The faster you get in touch, the faster we can make this happen. Call us today.