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Building Permit Expediters Fort Lauderdale are the most tireless and terrier like permit runners in the whole of Broward County.  We understand what's involved in getting permits including all the supporting documents, clearances, code compliances, inspections, and social security details that you will need to provide in order to navigate the complex world of permits. We know who to go to and in what order to get permit clearance as fast as possible for everything from construction to change of use, certification of occupancy, events, and liquor licenses. On the way we can dig out hidden lien violations and application refusals that have to be dealt with to ensure a permit is delivered and that helps protect you against legal action in the future. We know the real deadlines and realistic timelines for a host of Florida permits and how to legally expedite them to get what you need as soon as possible. All of which saves you time and that means it saves you money because the faster you get your business running the faster you recoup your investment. More than that though it saves you the heartbreak of trying to figure out what is required only to be told time and time again that you have to go to another department first to get their authorization before you can even submit an application. We do all that and we do it as a one stop shop so the only people you have to deal with are our expediting experts.

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