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Building Permits

professional building permits service

Be honest; your heart sinks at the mention of the phrase 'building permit', right? You're not alone, and with good reason because the process of obtaining building permits is nothing like as simple as you'd hope. Specifically, the right permit for the exact process that will ensure you can go ahead with your project with no fear of complications further down the line can sometimes seem impossible.

Someone in your Corner

Do you understand zoning regulations and permit requirements? Are you confident that you can go ahead with a construction job or extension without the risk of being told to take it down afterwards for non-compliance? Very few of us can really say with confidence that they are sure of all the permits they may need to comply with, and the consequences of failing to obtain the right one can be costly. Even if you are sure that you know which permit you need you still have to go through the process of applying for it. Which is why you could use a little help, and that's exactly what we offer.

Why Us

Building Permit Expediters Fort Lauderdale are the premium permit runners in Fort Lauderdale because we have done this so many times we know exactly how the system works and how to streamline the whole permit application process. What we find is that many of our customers come to us having initially tried to apply directly, only to find that there is a lot more to it than filling out a form and mailing it to the right department. As they start to understand that the process includes a chain or requirements and approvals, all of which must be attained and often in a set sequence, so they realize this is going to take a lot more of their time and effort than they hoped. It's not that you aren't able to apply for your own permit, it's more about assessing how much effort you wanted to put into the permit, rather than into the project.

Cost Savings

Hiring us will save you money. We say that in all confidence because we have seen this a thousand times.  Every minute you spend on the permit is time you are not spending on the project that inspired you in the first place. It's time you are not overseeing contractors or facilitating the construction itself. By contrast, our experience means we know exactly what comes next at every stage and can get working on it in advance, greatly speeding up the whole process. That old phrase of time is money really comes into play with construction on any scale as the longer the process gets stretched out the more your costs mount up.  Save your energy, save your frustration, and save your money.

One Stop Shop

Instead of having to visit and revisit planning and permit departments the beauty of coming to us is that's the only trip you make and the only people you have to deal with. Nobody is going to ask you if you already submitted it to another department or demand proof because we take care of it all.


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