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Certificate of Occupancy

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The certificate of occupancy is absolutely essential for the legal use of a property.  It demonstrates that the owner has complied with all permit and legal requirements and that the property is fit for occupancy. Apart from anything else it is your defense against any questions from tenants and customers because it demonstrates that you have met the standards of building codes, legal codes, residential regulations, and housing standards. It doesn't matter if your property is destined for residential, commercial, or rental of some kind you have to have a certificate of occupancy and odd though it sounds that also goes for properties that aren't actually physically occupied by anyone at all. Aside from the fact that you are required to have a certificate of occupancy, not having one would leave you wide open to any law suits from so many different corners it makes our heads spin just to think about it. So let's go get one.

Who Needs One?

Short answer; you do. You need a certificate of occupancy if you are constructing a new building, you need a certificate of occupancy if you are converting a property for a different usage. You need a certificate of occupancy if you are changing the ownership of a property. You need a certificate of occupancy if you are changing the way that people go in and out of a property. There are so many cases where you need a certificate of occupancy that pretty much the only way you don't need one is if you don't own property.

So What's Involved

In theory getting a certificate of occupancy is done directly from the town of Fort Lauderdale by applying for it before going ahead with any of the changes mentioned above. In practice that's just the beginning of the process because before a certificate is issued there are a series of proofs that have to be shown to demonstrate that any fines or liens on the property have been settled and that a series of inspections have been conducted and passed.


You better believe it. That includes, but may not be restricted to a building inspection to ensure safety standards are met, an electrical inspection for the same reason, a fire inspection, and that's before your own insurance company puts up its hand and starts to issue demands. That's a lot of inspecting and if you fail any part you usually get a set period to put it right before you have to get it inspected again before you can apply for your certificate. Do you have the time and patience to organize all of those bodies, ensure compliance, and go back to the beginning again if necessary? We do.

Save Time, Save Money

By getting us to take care of your certificate of occupancy you will save time which means saving money because we already know who to go to, in which order, and the fastest way to get the process moving again if anything does fail inspection.

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