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Lien Violations

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Lien violations are not what you want to have to deal with are changing a certificate of occupancy selling a property, or proposing construction. Here's the good news; while nobody wants to have lien violations pop up in the middle of what is already a potentially long and complex process we can help you with that and smooth the path to your final goal.  If you even suspect there are lien violations that will come into play then you'd be well advised to come and engage our services first before sorting that one out ends up taking all your time and energy.

Finding the Violations

The first tricky part about lien violations is knowing that they are there at all. While many open violations concerning the property are listed by the Buildings Information System (BIS) and these can be found by relatively simple online research, some simply do not. In that case, the first job of an expediter is to do the digging required to find out that there are lien violations in play or being contested. We can help you with that.

How Liens Affect You

You probably didn't do anything wrong and nobody mentioned to you that there had been grievances with previous contractors or creditors so it is very easy to not only enter into a construction project or change of use procedure but to be quite a long way through the process before the dread 'lien' word pops up. If you're not familiar with liens they are basically money owed in lieu and can function not unlike a mortgage except that they often come up when there are disputes. If a construction company feels they were not paid and agreed some they can withhold work or access. Of course, there have been occasions where a company withholds access or goods to try and extort more money from the client than was agreed and that is illegal in the US but establishing what and what was not promised is where the lien process starts and that can cause you huge delays.

How We Help

The first part of our job is identifying any liens and establishing who are the parties in dispute. We can then help you further by coming up with a strategy to end the dispute including which legal bodies need to be approached. In some cases there is no way out of a lien violation other than completing the payment that is being demanded – like a mortgage it has to be paid off one way or another before the transfer but we can help determine that and some times we can go a stage further....

Making The Bad Thing Go Away

There are times and situations when a lien can not only be reduced by well-established negotiating strategies but even waived and we will always look for that successful outcome.  Sometimes a lien is a negotiating strategy in itself, sometimes the owner (the lienee) can be persuaded that it is not worth the effort, sometimes we can demonstrate the claim is unlikely to stand up and that pursuing it will be too costly. In any case, you'll be glad you weren't on your own in this.

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