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Liquor License

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If you want to sell beer, wine, or liquor of any kind in Florida you have to get a liquor license and looking around at all the places you can get a drink you might be forgiven for asking yourself 'well how hard can it be?'.  Until you talk to someone who is already in the business of selling liquor and then you'll start to hear the horror stories about how hard it can be, how long it can take, and how it can happen that when you finally get a liquor license it turns out that you have got the wrong one and that's where your troubles really start.

Types of License

Did you know there are four types of liquor license in Fort Lauderdale. Four. Only there are actually more than that because each one has a subset.  In fact there are more than fifty types of sub license. So while you might think you only have to choose between package sales, consumption on-premises, SRX (we'll get to that), or quota license the reality is that each of those major types comes in different flavors and if you have the wrong one you're just asking for legal trouble. So the first thing we will help you with is an understanding of what kind of license you need before we start the hunt to get you one.

On or Off Premises

Off premise sales are covered by what's called a Package license. This one should be simple, right? You're selling drinks in a sealed container to be consumed off the premises.  Except that even then you've got a license for beer only (1APS), one for beer plus wine (2APS), one for beer, wine and spirits (3PS), etc. Likewise for on premises consumption you have different licenses depending what you're offering, and whether there's food involved, and the SRX license where 51 per cent of your revenue comes from food and non-alcoholic beverages. You have to prove that, not guess it. All in all there are a lot of licenses and we can help you be sure you're going for the right one.

Register or Buy

There are a limited number of what are called Quota licenses since the State of Florida controls their number per population and density so you can register for new ones as they come up or you can buy an existing one. There's also a lottery but, well, it's a lottery. We can help you sort out which way is best for you and ensure that if you buy a license it will be legal for your business.

What Else is Involved

Wait, there's more?  Oh yes. You need a federal employer's identification number, a sketch of the premises, the social security numbers of anyone who is on the application, safety and sanitation health approvals from the appropriate bodies, your fingerprints and more. All before you even think of approaching the licensing office. Really, it's going to be a lot easier to ask us to help.

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