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building permit expediters near me

Building Permit Expediters Fort Lauderdale do so much more than expedite building permits – although we do that with the tireless persistence that means we get building permits sorted out in record time. We go beyond that though because so many construction related permits are about the trickier aspects of changing usage, or transferring property. Those can mean hidden lien violations that simply have to be sorted out before you can use the property for the purpose you have in mind. We know all the departments that are involved in those changes and we can save you time and money by lining up all the sub permits in the right order to make this happen as efficiently as possible. We understand the real deadlines that apply to special event permits and know when you absolutely have to apply months in advance and when you can cut that approval time and still manage to get your show on the road legally. We help you jump through the hoops required for the complexities of change of use certificates and that all important certificate of occupancy. We even navigate the complex highways and byways of liquor licenses and can explain to you which of the fifty or more sub licenses available in Florida and how to buy or apply for the one you need plus the supporting documents you'll need to have ready. We expedite permits so while we specialize in the following we can help you with many others. Get in touch.

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