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Special Event Permits

affordable special event permits

Special event permits have the beauty that not only do you have to go through the process of applying for a permit, and satisfying all of the requirements that go with that, but since you have an event in mind, and therefore most likely date for that event, you are also up against a hard deadline of time. You will be horrified to find out how long permits can take to come through. Months is typical, and in building permits years have been known to pass and that's with a permit that was approved. Special events permits are faster than that, but if you think you can do it yourself, easily, with only a few weeks to go then we have to warn you that this is not simple or fast. Which is precisely why our clients come to us to do the work for them, with the channels and the experience that we have built up over the years of securing permits for others.

Know the Timescale

If you think we're exaggerating about how long it can take to get a permit for an event then let us just quote you one line directly from the permit instructions of Fort Lauderdale's governmental web site.  There they specify that if the special event in question is a first-time event in Fort Lauderdale then you are encouraged to submit the application more than 60 days in advance. 60 days. Fail to do that and they can immediately point to the fact that you didn't comply with their own recommendations which don't help your case. Notice however that this is a recommendation. That doesn't mean that you can't get a special permit in less than 60 days. It does mean, however, that even if you've got all your ducks in a row and your papers together the process could take that long and that alone is a really good reason to use our services because we can see at a glance what other guidelines will have to be complied with to present a perfectly streamlined application.

Know the Small Print (we do)

Here's another example of how people find themselves in difficulty when applying for their own permits. Having read the 60-day recommendation you might feel you're in the clear if you can get your application together by that deadline. However if you check the small print you'll find that a special event in August has to have been submitted by May 1st.  Getting us to handle your application protects you from the nasties lurking in the small print.

Deal with One Person

To get a special events permit you need to show that you have other permits in order and full insurance which means going to a lot of offices while all the time that clock is ticking. Come to us and you'll have your own coordinator who does the running around for you. Given you've got an event to plan there's no question which will prove easier for you.

We Understand the Rules

There are some things we can't make easier, but we can let you know they're coming. For example, you have to pay for a permit upfront before they will consider it and you will probably have to attend an events committee meeting in person. We can explain to you exactly how these things work and what to expect.

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